Monday, January 11, 2010

8 months

I can't believe our sweet Ruby Jane will be here in 8 weeks!
We did A LOT of traveling in the last couple of months.
Dad had heart surgery which he is recovering great from. Praise God!
We also went to Durango Colorado for Christmas and had an amazing time :)
This weekend will be our last trip down to Kerrville for a baby shower that my
Aunt Peggy and Mom are throwing for us.
I will be glad to not be traveling after this weekend it definitely is wearing on me.
So there is a little update.

Me at 8 months pregnantWell so far this pregnancy has been pretty easy on me. Except for the occasional migraine (which I found out is probably related to me being anemic) I have no complaints :)
She is head down and in position and growing at just the right rate.
My midwife is expecting this birth to be shorter than Adom's was, which I couldn't be happier about! Adom's birth was only 7 hours so we're looking forward to a quick delivery!
I have received chiropractic care this entire pregnancy and I cannot tell you what a tremendous blessing that has been.
We are so ready to meet this little girl I think I might bust!

*Funny Story*
This morning Adom and I were snuggling in bed when he got up and he always asks if Ruby Jane is kicking (he loves to feel her kick). Then he looked at me very seriously and asked how she was going to come out... I didn't know what to say so I just laughed. Then he asked, "is she going to tear your shirt momma?!"
Wow I just left it at that and hugged him for being so sweet!


annie's mom said...

Colleen, you look awesome! Your hair looks awesome! Wish I could see you in person to tell you the same thing...blessings! I'm already praying for a short birthing process! Short but definitely sweet, huh?

Amanda said...

well I've decided. however long your labor is, I'm gonna beat it! It's on! =)

JJthe1st said...

So cute! Can't wait to meet her either. Love you friend!

Ethan said...

I read that Dean Koontz book at the top of your picture... good book... Oh great stuff too! We are excited to see her!

Ethan said...

Still at 8 months? This might be a record.